R  E  P  E  A  L

Is the 8th
The last croak
Of McQuaid’s

The last echo
Of an ireland
Steeped in weeping secrets
Bloodied sheets buried in fields
Abscondments to London.

Love one another
The Bible says.
You’d swear those bastards
Had never opened it.

Too obsessed with sex
To consider
What all true catholics understand
Above all else:


Where is the kindness
In this Amendment
Of Condemnation and

This bulbous sore
This jumble of
Which chains doctors
To an opinion
Devoid of reality and logic.

This death rattle
Of the High and Mighty Church
Cruel to its core.

The tactics to stop us
Are vicious.

We deserve more.
And we’ll get it.
Talk, listen, breathe.

Keep going.

It’s happening.

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