2 poems on failed connections

I leave feeling more apart from you than before we spoke.
A skimmed stone which holds infinite soaring promise
And then is lost forever
Beneath wet water.
I imagine us as children
Swinging towards each other on rusty swings
Bright wellies barely touching.
Fear tinged delirium.
If we jumped and clasped each other
In midair
Crashing to the ground
Could we be fully together in our brokenness?


In this time of rush and run
Of clock and watch and phone
We swirl each other in spinning carousels.
I stretch out a hand
From my bright pony
To catch you as you pass
Even one grasp
And I would feel that I had met you
Met you at the point of presence
Met you where the clock would stop
And we could see each other.
But we spin too fast
And leave each other’ spheres
Barely grazing fingertips.
Ticking one another off
For one more week.


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