Deep hug

Your love has varnished my old dull life
And breathed the bad away.
I’d been living in a wet Tuesday afternoon.
You’ve made my life a sunny Saturday morning.
Now I live in this
Deep Hug,
As you said with stung eyes.

We went to IKEA and bought a bin
And I thought I’d explode with all
The things my life had never been
But now was.

We both like order
But there’s nothing neat about you.
You are everywhere.
Every nook of my life shines with you.

Other loves hummingbird around my life
But you are the one who knows
How I am.
How I want to be.
How I need to be.

Wound into each other.
As natural as the moon.
Field mice in their round nest.

Coming up for air from you
Feels cold and I rush to return
To your safe hold.
You are the steadfast.
The whole.
The new, always.
One look,
My lungs inflate, my shoulders sink.
When I unravel
You walk behind,
Patiently collecting
The threads that bring me back to myself.
I love you and it’s really serious.



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