I am interested in what is held in the body When we have been unheld When we have split from … More

Top Shaggers

At first we felt a clear hot rage. This girl. Torn into hysterics. But not beyond reasonable doubt. Fear Response … More

For Penelope

This was inspired by an episode from The Odyssey used by Mary Beard in her Women & Power pamphlet. Penelope … More

Sandymount Strand

there is a tiny girl dark skin glowing in her pink dress parents circle her courtiers to this drunk emperor … More


My left knee holds a white coffin Small and new And the memory of the other baby who lived But … More


I talk to you As if my tongue skids on ice The words slip out Unruly children No translator by … More

I write

I write to weed. My wordwept mind breathes less heavy. No romantic Muse visitation. It is functional. A bloodletting. Lumps … More