Sandymount Strand

there is a tiny girl dark skin glowing in her pink dress parents circle her courtiers to this drunk emperor … More


My left knee holds a white coffin Small and new And the memory of the other baby who lived But … More


I talk to you As if my tongue skids on ice The words slip out Unruly children No translator by … More

I write

I write to weed. My wordwept mind breathes less heavy. No romantic Muse visitation. It is functional. A bloodletting. Lumps … More


I feel the world as though caught in a storm upon a cliff And everyone else seems bone dry. But … More


Scared and sore Bombast battered Distraction-drugged Confidence creeps up A timid child at a window And vanishes at the smallest … More


my hands tinkle through the water I float I hear my lungs as though through speakers the inside of my … More


Don’t leave breadcrumbs You won’t come back Scorch the path Sweep up the splinters Of your shattered self Let them … More


it has come as a low thud the rage in me a great beast with slow tread boiling across the … More

My Grandfather

Stepped into his wife’s shoes The day she died. Learnt to make soda bread. Took the smallest one, my father, … More