I try to mend the unruly tapestry of my life my fingers brittle and bleeding I work on the go … More


My Grandmother’s eyes are speckled Like a trout. But fish-like she is not. Feline a better word to describe the … More


some see beneath the surface more easily they feel the most and suffer most but they are the ones with … More


bone-shredding day of fear. I walk to the gardens in MoMa. I lie on a wall and try to count … More

Deep hug

Your love has varnished my old dull life And breathed the bad away. I’d been living in a wet Tuesday … More


Dream-squeezed eyelids open. Wake up to the circus. Iron out the sleep-scrunched face. Too much colour, too much noise. Thoughts … More

In the Musée D’Orsay

Looking at The Floor Scrapers by Gustave Caillebotte.   nothing to be learned. no improvement. the daily toil of making … More

Short Poems

The poems come out all the time Covered in the grime of rhyme. That sense-obscuring goop That doesn’t give a … More


the jungle makes no pretty scene, no postcard. it pulses and thrashes, rehashing well worn woes and knots new neuroses … More